Multi-family Professionals

Turnkey Multi-family Solutions

Mid-America Cabinets' singular focus is the multi-family industry. Our pledge to architects, developers and general contractors is to consistently offer:

  1. Detailed Bids
  2. Value Engineering - Bringing years of experience to your job, our representatives can recommend budget conscious solutions.
  3. Cabinet Consultation - Our representatives help with accessibility concerns and support in design-build proejcts.
  4. Samples - We gladly share sample cabinets and stain fans to help in product selection.
  5. Submittals
  6. Field Measuring - We field measure all jobs to ensure a successful project.
  7. Delivery - Whether on our own fleet of trucks or our select commercial carriers, On Time delivery is our goal.
  8. Installation - Experienced installers will meet and unload trucks, stock material to units and provide professional installation through punch out.
  9. Longterm Support - From warranty repairs to routine maintenance years after construction, Mid-America will help.
  10. Assurance and Security - Project bonding, liability insurance, product warranty and the assurance of KCMA certification provide peace of mind.